wildflowersThanks to El Nino’s deluge late last fall, North America has been seeing some breathtakingly beautiful wildflower displays. Even Death Valley, one of the most arid and uninhabitable places on the planet, is experiencing a rare and awe-inspiring super bloom.

Here in Texas, awe-inspiring sights might not be rare but are still certainly beautiful. That’s why all of us here at Roger Williams highly suggest you take a Texas wildflower road trip before the petals give way to the scorch of the summertime.

Check out Big Bend, a route just as winding as the name suggests. Long but beautiful, a tour of Big Bend will take you through Big Bend State Park where you’ll spot ocotillo, nama, rainbow cactus, Big Bend bluebonnets, cenizo, and more.

Or, drive around Northeast Texas to Caddo Lake State. We suggest this one if you plan to make a whole weekend of your Texas wildflower road trip because in addition to a rainbow of different wildflower colors and types, the region also has a wealth of quality bed and breakfasts.

Finally, take a spin through Franklin Mountains State Park on the Trans-Mountain Road. Here, you’ll definitely want to get out and hike so you can get an up-close look at the blooming cacti (some of the most beautiful in the state).