road trip essentials


The holidays are right around the corner, which means that many of you may be hitting the road. That’s why we at Roger Williams CDJR have created a list of road trip essentials to keep in mind. Some of these are designed to make life easier behind the wheel, while others will keep you safe on any trip. Nothing is more American than a road trip, but it’s always good to be prepared.

First, you should invest in a car mount for your smartphone if you don’t already have one. More and more drivers are relying on their phones for turn-by-turn directions, as well as information about points of interest, so with a sturdy mount, you can get hands-free directions more safety and conveniently.

Next, consider getting a power inverter with multiple outlets and USB ports. If you and your family plan on taking a long trip, you’ll want to have plenty of charging options for your mobile devices, so with a power inverter, you can rest assured the whole car can charge and there will be no fighting over outlets.

Last, but not least, get a first aid kit. While you can buy ones made for the car, your best bet may actually be a (usually larger) camping first aid kit or to build one yourself. Typically, these include gauze, bandages, sewing kits, tweezers, and painkillers. Feel free to add supplies based on your needs as well.

These few tips are just some of the things that will reduce stress for your holiday trip, but as always, drive safely.