2015 RamWhen two organizations or companies share the same patriotic values, it’s a good thing. And when one is the position to donate a hefty sum of money to the other, it’s even better.

That’s just what happened early this September when Ram Trucks donated $100,000–for the second time–to the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and Museum, a place of honor for the legendary Texan law enforcement agency.

According to the museum board’s vice chairman, Ross Darden, the money will go to scholarships, programming, museum access, and exhibits. Do you think they have a Walker, Texas Ranger room, or are they sick of that joke already? Good chance they’re sick of it, but an even better chance they’re not sick of Ram Trucks donating to the Texas Rangers (not a bad tradition if you’re Ross Darden, by any means).

Soon, the Texas Rangers, America’s oldest law enforcement agency, will be celebrating its 200th anniversary, which makes the organization older, much older, than many American states. Tradition and heritage, it would seem, are two things Ram Trucks greatly values, not to mention service and sacrifice.

Ram Trucks donating to the Texas Rangers is a bright spot in today’s relatively dark news, and something we can all benefit from by paying a visit to the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and Museum.