2015 Ram 2500

Current Ram 2500

Ram is bringing fuel efficiency to the battlefield. The automaker will be expanding the CNG (compressed natural gas) option to more variants of the Ram 2500. The option will make its expansion in the 2016 year model.

Dodge Ram has been selling CNG Ram 2500 HD models since 2012 and so far over 1,000 units have hit roadways. Prior to 2016, only the 2500 crew cab four wheel drive equipped with an eight foot box was CNG capable. Now, the bi-fuel option will be available on the two wheel drive regulation and crew cab as well as the four wheel drive regular cab.

With gasoline prices rising and falling on a daily basis, uncertainty has driven the change. Natural gas prices have remained constant, generally hovering around $2.80 compared to gasoline prices fluctuating up to $4 a gallon. The only downside is a CNG tank will add $11,000 onto the truck’s total cost.

You’re going to spend that money either way – either on the truck or fuel. The best part of the Ram 2500 CNG is the fact that the option will pay for itself within five years or 100,000 miles. That’s the full warranty which comes with the truck at the time of purchase, by the way. If something goes wrong, you’re covered.

The CNG system will switch to gasoline automatically once the CNG tank is depleted. On the CNG tank alone, the truck can run up to 300 miles, but with the addition of the gasoline tank, you’ll hit over 900 with ease. Keeping your truck more than five years? We at Roger Williams CDJR say take the CNG option and save as your truck ages.