Going Black Friday shopping? It’s important to stay safe so you don’t end up on the news. Here are some Black Friday safety tips for preventing accidents or injuries.

Plan a Meeting Spot

You and your shopping pals should have a meeting place and time in mind for before and after you shop. Be very specific.

Put Items in the Trunk

If you’re traveling between stores, leaving large items in your vehicle can make your car a target. Put all your big finds in the trunk for safe-keeping.

Only Carry Credit Cards

If possible, only have a small bag with just credit cards in it that you can keep close to your body to prevent them from being stolen. If you want to bring drinks or snacks, take a separate backpack.

Charge Your Phone

Make sure everyone’s phones are on, fully charged, and accessible. Be sure to keep phones in your pocket rather than in a purse where you can’t feel it vibrate.

Pay Attention to Clothes Under Coats

It’s easier to spot one of your friends if you know what they were wearing underneath their coat or jacket.

Black Friday safety is important to prevent injuries from happening to employees or shoppers alike, in addition to making it a more efficient and fun experience.