Black Ice

Black Ice

All drivers know that winter weather can cause hazardous road conditions, thanks to snow and ice–but not everyone is aware of the most insidious winter hazard: black ice. This phenomenon occurs quickly, shortly after it begins to rain or snow.

It’s happened to all of us: you do your best to leave the house when the roads are clear only to find a storm beginning around you. This is when black ice is most likely to occur. The term refers to a thin, dark (black) layer of ice forming on the road, which you may not be able to see.

Because it’s both unexpected and difficult to notice, black ice is seriously perilous. You may think the road is still clear, only to find yourself losing traction and skidding off the road.

How can you prepare for black ice? There’s only so much you can do, but as soon as rain or snow begins to fall when the temperatures are cold enough for ice to form, slow down. Increase the distance between yourself and the cars around you.

And whatever you do, avoid sharp reactions and turns!