family road tripWe all know the basics when it comes to packing for vacation. Obviously, when planning a family road trip, you’ll remember to load up suitcases with different clothing, hygiene products, maybe some pool toys depending on if you plan on going somewhere with water, or maybe camping gear if that’s your style. Either way, there are some additional things you should bring along to make the ride to your destination a little easier on your passengers.

First of all, never underestimate the power of snacks. Road trips mean bored kids, and bored kids like to eat a lot. You can easily prevent having to pull off the highway to pick up fast food by packing a cooler with easy snacks that can be eaten in the car without making a mess. Make sure you put it in an easily accessible area so the kids don’t always have to ask you to reach the cooler for them.

Second of all, give all the kids their own backpack full of activities, whether that’s handheld gaming devices, their mobile devices with fun game apps downloaded onto them, coloring books, favorite toys, or anything else you can think of to keep the kids occupied in the car.

Speaking of mobile devices, you should probably have a few apps on your phone to make your ride easier. GasBuddy will tell you where the best gas prices are near you, while Waze is a crowd-sourced GPS that feeds you information about traffic conditions and construction delays in real-time. Shop around on the app store and see what other helpful apps you can find to make your drive easier!

A family road trip is fun, but some creative thinking and help from modern technology can streamline the process of getting to your destination and back. You don’t have to rely on the paper maps of old—but just in case, bring one along if your GPS loses its signal!