JeepEver since its founding in 1941, Jeep has provided industry-leading, innovative vehicles to drivers everywhere, making them a staple in homes across the country and abroad. And now, the American automaker has just passed an enormous milestone: Jeep’s 75th anniversary.

Specifically, Jeep is celebrating the anniversary of the day that Toledo’s Willys-Overland Motor Co. was given the first contract to produce the Willys MB for the US military, on July 16, 1941.

Jeep’s assistance on the battlefield no doubt contributed to many victories for the United States during World War II, firmly establishing the Jeep name as one not to be messed with.

Today, Jeep stands as a leader in sports utility vehicles known for their incredible off-roading abilities. If you are looking for adventure, then you need to be in a Jeep.

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