It’s not every day you see what looks like a massive Jeep migration, but that’s exactly what happened at the first ever Jeep the Mac. Taking place on the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan, many Jeep owners came together for the special event. Jeeps of all shapes, ages, and sizes made the trek from the bridge to Little Bear Arena.

In total, more than 500 Jeeps took part in Jeep the Mac. On April 22nd, the owners came together for a “Blessing of the Jeeps” before traversing the bridge.

A Humvee led the charge with various models, several over 50 years old, trailing behind it. Organizers were originally hoping for merely 100 Jeeps to come out to the event but the idea blew up.

“We’re so lucky to live in a beautiful place like this and to have the scenery, but going across it in a group like this is something that’s really special,” said Gina Stegehuis, St. Ignace Visitors Bureau director.

Jeep Lineup

Following the first ever Jeep the Mac, attendees arrived at Little Bear Arena in St. Ignace for music and food. Saturday involved a day of trail riding on Drummond Island.

This isn’t the first time the Mackinac Bridge has seen a massive vehicle migration. Thus far, more than 1,300 mini-coopers, over 1,300 off-road vehicles, and 1,000 antique tractors have crossed the bridge in groups.

We at Roger Williams CDJR are happy to see another event that brings Jeep owners together!