2015 Dodge Challenger Interior

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has debuted four new in-vehicle services at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) as part of the company’s “Uconnect Access” infotainment suite. The new services include Vehicle Finder, Send Destination to Vehicle, Vehicle Health Report, and Vehicle Health Alert.

2015 Dodge Challenger Interior

Dodge Challenger’s Infotainment System

The first two work via smartphone app. With the touch of a button, customers can use Vehicle Finder to locate their vehicle via map or satellite image and subsequently choose to either find a route or sound the horn. Finding your car in busy city streets has never been easier!

With Send Destination to Vehicle, customers can pick a point of interest and send their chosen destination directly to their Uconnect system’s large touchscreen, making it easy to get in the car later and instantly get the directions you need.

Vehicle Health Report and Vehicle Health Alert ensure that customers are always on top of their vehicle’s status. The VHR service sends monthly reports about their vehicle’s performance, so that owners can review the status of key systems like powertrain, oil and fluids, brakes, suspension, and safety systems.

The VHA service is our favorite at Roger Williams CDJR: it immediately sends an email alert in the event that one of the above requires attention. Have you ever had a warning light show up on the dashboard but didn’t know what it meant? If that ever happens, Vehicle Health Alert will instantly send you an email explaining what it does, how the vehicle is affected, and what action needs to be taken.