Halloween is perfect for kids and adults alike to dress up in costume, but it’s not fun and games once someone gets hurt. Take time to read up on how to stay safe this Halloween. It’s actually less of a hassle than one might think. Here are some Halloween safety tips from all of us here at Roger Williams CDJR!

  • Driving – If possible, avoid driving altogether on trick-or-treat night. If you have to go out, check to see when your area is having trick-or-treat hours and plan accordingly. Minimize distractions by stowing away devices and turning off the radio. Keep your headlights on at all times and keep an eye out for children. Most importantly, give yourself extra time to so you can slow down on the road.
  • Costumes – Every child should have a costume, but parents should make sure it fits well to avoid any accidental injuries. Masks can obstruct a child’s view so, if possible, use makeup or face paint instead. Use glow sticks to make your child visible among larger groups as well.
  • Supervising – Children 12 years and younger should have an adult with them at all times. Those older than 13 should stick to well-lit areas that they’re familiar with. Supervisors should keep an eye on the kids and forego checking their devices when hitting the pavement.

Have a happy Halloween!