Gameday Tailgating Tips

Football season has finally started, and that means it’s tailgating time! Whether you’re a seasoned tailgater or you’re new to it, you’ll love these clever tips to make your gameday as fun and easy as possible.


The key to successful tailgating is pre-planning. Get the boring stuff out of the way early to maximize gameday fun. Plan your menu in advance, and make sure you have all the necessary ingredients at least a day or two before you’re going to cook them.


If you’re planning to grill at the tailgate, prepare what you can the night before–skewer and marinate your kebabs and put together burger toppings to be refrigerated overnight. You should also put together a tailgating kit with cooking implements, condiments, toothpicks and skewers, wet wipes and paper towels, and more.


Be prepared for drinks, too. Label your cooler or coolers with the kinds of drinks in them—beer, wine, soda, etc.—and freeze bottles of water in advance to use in the cooler, rather than ice. This not only means your drinks won’t be all wet as the ice melts, but you’ll also have plenty of cold water to drink too!


One of the most essential parts of tailgating is the vehicle you take with you, so if you want to find the perfect truck or SUV to party with, call us today at Roger Williams CDJR.