Women of Color Awards


The Fiat-Chrysler Women of Color Awards are held during an annual STEM event in order to encourage more minority individuals to become a part of various STEM fields. The awards recognize not only technical ability, but also managerial skill and leadership qualities. At Roger Williams CDJR, we’re proud to be associated with an auto company that invests in diversity and multiculturalism.

According to FCA, the Women of Color awards are held in early October in Detroit every year. Organized as part of a STEM conference, the award is designed to ensure that women of color are noticed for their hard work, encouraging more minority groups to apply to fields associated with the automotive industry. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are fields dominated by men, and many STEM schools and industries have drawn criticism in recent years for their lack of diversity.

“The Women of Color Awards celebrate some of the country’s most promising and influential female business and community leaders,” said Kelly Tolbert, Head of Diversity, FCA US LLC. “FCA US is proud that our women leaders are consistently recognized among such accomplished honorees.”

Recognition went to a wide range of intelligent and accomplished professional women, but this year’s Chairman Award winter was Keera Riddick from Electrical Engineering Components. FCA is also getting involved in other STEM initiatives like “Engineers on Wheels,” among other educational programs.