Dodge Demon

In a market full of quiet family cars and gently efficient hybrids, there’s one brand that continues to value pure American power, speed, and muscle. The Dodge lineup focuses on offering the best in sporty performances that will knock your socks off. Recently, the release of the 707 horsepower Hellcat Challenger had speed fanatics everywhere drooling. It seemed unlikely that it could get better than that.

Behold the unlikely: the new, upcoming Dodge Demon. The Demon has been rumored to offer more than 800 horsepower. While there’s little precise information about its actual stats, these numbers—and the Demon name which alludes to 1970s model—has gotten quite a reaction. Auto buffs all over the country are anticipating the arrival of the Dodge Demon with palms itching to grasp its steering wheel and feel its many, many horses at work.

The last time a Dodge Demon was on the market, its base price tag was $2,721—just over $16,000 with inflation. Still, muscle cars today are often relatively more advanced and luxurious than they were original, so there’s no saying what the new Demon will go for. However, even without knowing the price, plenty of buyers both young and old have already started putting their names on waiting lists for the Dodge Demon. To learn more about when this muscle car will be available at Roger Williams CDJR give us a call today.