nature - going greenFiat-Chrysler recently broke some records by launching one of the largest private fleets of natural-gas powered semitrucks in Michigan. This was a whopping $40 million investment in the Detroit area, converting almost 180 semis to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) systems.

According to Chrysler, the Chrysler CNG Semitruck fleet will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 16,000 tons per year. In the past, this fleet used roughly 2.6 million gallons of diesel fuel per year to drive over 16 million miles to deliver parts and cars from factory to dealer. Now, the fleet can use natural gas as a clean alternative.

“Our transition to CNG reflects the way FCA US attempts to balance our search for profitability with social responsibility and community development, including environmental stewardship,” said Steve Beahm, Senior Vice President–Supply Chain Management for FCA of North America. “This project was a win-win-win – it offered a solid business case, clear environmental benefits and an opportunity to invest in our Detroit facility and workforce.”

The Chrysler Company also invested roughly $5 million in an on-site CNG fueling station, built by TruStar Energy, which remains the largest private CNG station in North America. This is just one of many ways Chrysler is committing to going green.