Is it July already? The month starts off with a bang thanks to the festivities that accompany Independence Day. Fireworks, family, and big cookouts bring people together to celebrate the birth of our nation. However, if you’re one of the brave individuals hosting a get-together at your place, you might be at a loss to what interesting 4th of July recipes are out there to keep your menu interesting.

First, who doesn’t like snack food? Not everything needs to be a meal. If you have some chips, you can easily pick up a few peppers and onions from the grocery store, slice them up, and grill them yourself for a smokey, summery take on classic salsa.

Beyond that, there are plenty of options. Marinate chicken overnight in buttermilk and garlic before grilling for a unique spin on traditional grilled chicken. Smear lime juice and queso fresco on grilled corn to give it some Mexican flair. Don’t be afraid to take risks with new sauces, like basting skewered chicken in a savory-sweet mix of Worcestershire sauce, honey, and ketchup, or experiment with grilling meat such as salmon on a cedar plank to give it a new and satisfying flavor.

There are plenty of 4th of July recipes out there. You could always to go the traditional route of hot dogs and burgers. Keep it traditional or mix it up this Independence Day to keep things interesting for you and your dinner guests.